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May 19 2019

May 09 2019

Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet says 'non' to sequel because 'Paris is ugly now'

He spoke of how he had rejected several offers to develop an Amelie sequel, calling it a “bad idea” because it would not star Audrey Tautou, who played the eponymous heroine of the movie.

He also cited difficulties of shooting in Paris due to multiple construction sites around the city, so "Paris is ugly now".
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May 04 2019

May 01 2019

April 27 2019

April 26 2019

March 05 2019

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(The second picture from the tumblr post, with a person actually in it.)
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February 22 2019

February 19 2019

February 08 2019

I think there've been some edits, but the source of this obviously is SSSS, stand still stay silent, one of the top webcomics for me.
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November 07 2018

November 02 2018

October 23 2018

October 21 2018

October 03 2018

What's that? A version of this comic with the author's data NOT fucking cut out of it? Oh boy! And a link to the original page instead of some sleazy content aggregator too? Woohoo, what a healthy way to share content, I'll be darned!


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October 01 2018

the specter of socialized medicine vs. the youth
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September 30 2018


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August 19 2018

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