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April 18 2018

Caught on camera: Man rolls on tracks under moving train

huh, so this is actual CBSN news.. and they say there where multiple bystanders..

April 16 2018

April 15 2018

April 08 2018

April 06 2018

Wroclaw Wieza Cisnien

Polski: Wrocław, wodociągowa wieża wodno-widokowa, 1905

Deutsch: Wasserturm Breslau

(10 MPx @ sauce)

April 04 2018

April 03 2018

March 29 2018

March 28 2018

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Kennedy Space Center Water Flow Test at Launch Complex 39-B For SLS

tl;dr: Ignition Overpressure/Sound Suppression system

Water flowed during a test at Launch Complex 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. About 450,000 gallons of water flowed at high speed from a holding tank through new and modified piping and valves, the flame trench, flame deflector nozzles and mobile launcher interface risers during a wet flow test at Launch Complex 39B. At peak flow, the water reached about 100 feet in the air above the pad surface. The test was a milestone to confirm and baseline the performance of the Ignition Overpressure/Sound Suppression system. During launch of NASA's Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft, the high-speed water flow will help protect the vehicle from the extreme acoustic and temperature environment during ignition and liftoff.

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March 25 2018

March 23 2018

March 21 2018

proper source + svg source file
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March 20 2018


the fuck

leave out the source on this one?

(siehe auch)

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March 19 2018

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