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October 18 2017



>saves rare items for the most dire of situations

>gets through the whole game without using any of them

“what if there’s an emergency”

-gets into an emergency-


„Wichtig ist der Polizei aber eine andere Botschaft. Eisenach ist kein ‚Angstraum‘, wie in jüngsten Medienberichten dargestellt. […] Es gibt nach Auffassung der Polizei kein Klima der Angst, wie in den Berichten geschildert.“

Zu dieser Einschätzung dürften die Behörden ohne Gespräche mit den Betroffenen vor Ort gelangt sein.

Neonazis überfallen und verletzen engagierten Musiker in Eisenach
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Signal festival in Prague (2017)
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Hey @elpollodiablo or @kitchen or whoever feels responsable,

I don't know if anybody is still alive over there, but youtube embeds have been broken for some time now. The alternative is to upload videos directly to soup, and I can't imagine that your asset servers are big fans of that idea.

Here is what I know about this situation:

  • Neither direct post nor reactions are working
  • The div.embed that should contain the embedded player is empty
  • Old posts have the same issue
  • Newer posts are missing the "Soup TV" fullscreen badge
  • Soup TV is similarly broken (Though I'm pretty sure nobody used that anyways)
  • The POST request to the server for creating the post is complete. It does contain the entered URL

If anybody can fix that, please do!

Rupert - Aromastar [iD016 Fehlerengel EP]

(coffee music for your morning pleasures)

The struggle of making tacos in space
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Deep sea crab feeding on bioluminescent algae.

deep sea crab brimming with immesurable power

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October 17 2017

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Before you yell at me... type it out.
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