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August 20 2017

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this is literally the best thing ever

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August 19 2017

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IS bedankt sich bei Medien für Hilfe bei Verbreitung von Angst und Schrecken

Rakka (dpo) - Es ist eine tiefe Dankbarkeit, die man aus der neuesten Videobotschaft der Terrororganisation IS heraushören kann. Darin lobt ein Sprecher angesichts der jüngsten Ereignisse in Barcelona europäische Medien für die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit bei der Verbreitung von Angst und Schrecken. Besonders Onlinemedien hätten sich mit Livetickern und Fotos und Videos von Opfern in vorbildlicher Weise hervorgetan.


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yeah, i mean it's just roads. if i don't like the road from one private owner (because he charges high tolls or doesn't keep them in good shape or whatnot) i can always use another road from a competitor
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this tall for multithreaded programming
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No vertex manipulation and not even software for hand drawn virtual cels

it depends.. with css alone you can you probably can't change shapes, but you can do transforms (scaling, rotating, translating, skewing), recoloring, change line styles and colors and all that good jazz.

with javascript on the other hand you can do pretty much anything you can code/find code for. svg path data can manipulated with js the same way as html can. i just took a look and tweening solutrions definatley do exist. i can't tell you if they are any good performance- or usability-wise..

there is also SMIL, wich i thought was dead but apparentzly isn't. i can't tell you much mor than that it's a markup language for animation. i suspect it's pissibilities lie between css and js.

also i don't know what virual cels are.

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Do you want angry white nationalists? Because that’s how you get angry white nationalists.
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