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April 04 2017

April 02 2017

March 08 2017

March 04 2017

Linkage reborn

Hi everybody!

I always wanted to write a post for linkage's one year anniversary, but completely missed the date. And soup said: "No problem, man. In fact, there has never been a linkage soup!"

So here we are. Linkage is up and running again.

To everyone who doesn't know: The linkage soup is a soup where you can link sources to other peoples posts. The basic idea is that, when somebody sees a post that doesn't have a source and wonders: "Where is that from?" they can see a reply to the post by linkage, that answers exactly this question.

For this to work, please post directly to linkage, if possible.

Sources can include:

  • Links
  • Books
  • TV Show episodes
  • etc.

Videos can be embedded. The source can be quoted, if it has been misrepresented in the post.

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February 26 2017

February 14 2017

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