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June 02 2017


"Aktuelle Nachrichten, die die Dinge so sehen, wie sie sind, statt wie sie sein sollten. Mindestwahrheitsgehalt 1%."
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June 01 2017

May 31 2017

Ignacio Torres - Stellar

unfortunately the original artists website is gone, but abcnews mirrored the images, so not the original source. Definitely check out the other images too!

May 27 2017

May 22 2017

May 20 2017

May 18 2017

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SpaceX Testing - Merlin Ablative
Test of Merlin 1a engine with ablative chamber on Horizontal Test Stand 1 (HTS1), McGregor, Texas

The initial version of the Merlin engine (1A) flew two times in 2006 and 2007, with a chamber pressure of 5.39 MPa and 73,000 lbf sea level thrust. For comparison, the current full thrust version of the Merlin 1D has a chamber pressure of 10.8 MPa and a sea level thrust of 190,000 lbf.
Here's a nice video of an earlier 1D version test. Great engines.

May 14 2017

May 13 2017

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Australian man attempts to walk to the store

May 08 2017

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Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - Oh hi Mark [PistolShrimps]
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April 30 2017

April 26 2017

Rebecca Linares

April 25 2017

April 23 2017

April 05 2017

April 04 2017

April 02 2017

March 08 2017

March 04 2017

Linkage reborn

Hi everybody!

I always wanted to write a post for linkage's one year anniversary, but completely missed the date. And soup said: "No problem, man. In fact, there has never been a linkage soup!"

So here we are. Linkage is up and running again.

To everyone who doesn't know: The linkage soup is a soup where you can link sources to other peoples posts. The basic idea is that, when somebody sees a post that doesn't have a source and wonders: "Where is that from?" they can see a reply to the post by linkage, that answers exactly this question.

For this to work, please post directly to linkage, if possible.

Sources can include:

  • Links
  • Books
  • TV Show episodes
  • etc.

Videos can be embedded. The source can be quoted, if it has been misrepresented in the post.

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