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August 17 2018

August 03 2018

August 01 2018

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Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction (not the exact source of the gif, but hey ^^; )

July 29 2018

July 28 2018

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Croatian girl Zlata Muck faints on live tv

Zlata Muck began the program with a smile, rapidly saying: "Good morning and welcome to School hour...Today, the first 35 minutes of our show will be dedicated to one of the most important elements on Earth -- oxygen."
Soon after — even if you can't technically understand her — it's clear that her words are starting to slow and she appears to be suffering from some sort of dizzy spell.
Within seconds she staggers and loudly crashes into the back wall, seemingly destroying a number of the items in the process. "Uuuhh," she moans as someone runs forward to help.
Local media reports indicate Muck's fainting spell is likely related to her recently-announced pregnancy. She is uninjured, and thankfully will suffer no lasting effects from the fall.

July 24 2018

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Alexandr Misko: George Michael - Careless Whisper
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July 12 2018

July 10 2018

July 09 2018

July 08 2018

It's not russian but British and is wasn't 8 minutes long but 12, but 4 minutes went lost. Wikipedia contains the full film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_in_Wonderland_(1903_film)
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July 06 2018

July 02 2018

June 25 2018

The biomass distribution on Earth

Yinon M. Bar-On, Rob Phillips, and Ron Milo
PNAS May 21, 2018

June 09 2018

Journalisten sind grün und links

@sofias Die Studie wird in dem Artikel nicht verlinkt. Auf nachfragen in den Kommentaren nach der Quelle wird nicht reagiert. Jedoch stammen wohl zumindest die Schweizer Daten wohl von dieser Umfrage.

June 05 2018

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Coca Cola & Gas & WD-40 = Flying 🚀 Latająca Coca Cola
@kallaballa seems legit. don't know what the WD-40 does exactly (protective layer between cola and gas?) but in the full youtube video you can clearly see cold liquified gas (probably propane or butane) slowly boiling away at room temperature. upon mixing it with the liquid everything wants to boil at once and the rapid sudden expansion gives it the thrust. the CO2 in the coca cola probably amplifies the effect.

June 04 2018

v x

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